Division I
Weigh-Tronix 17, Channel Inn 2. Beer 30-30
Channel Inn 17, Weigh-Tronix 12. Pauly tossed-one hour
suspension, appealing til next year. Weigh-Tronix eliminated
Channel Inn 17, Boekett Lumber 12. Letís play another!
Boekett Lumber 32, Channel Inn 24. Dudley 8 RBIs, Hawk 5-6,
Boekett Lumber Division I Champs, Channel Inn Div I Runner-ups
Division II
Sirloin House 9, The Goose 3. Another marathon, Wazz-ip! Tough

game again Goose, good job boys!
The Goose 13, Doug Out 2. Comeback one week later Ė hung-in-there.

Doug Out eliminated
Tamiís on the Ave 15, The Goose 10. Beer Thirty. The Goose

Tamiís on the Ave 10, Sirloin House 9. Sirloin House first loss
Sirloin House 9, Tamiís on the Ave 8. Tough game, good game,

clutch hits, TK sucks-but gets winning hit! Sirloin House Division II

Champions. Tamiís on the Ave Division II Runner-ups
Division III
Torgeís 20, Shenaniganís 14. Shenaniganís eliminated
Advance Tanks Softball 13, Torgeís 10. Advance Tanks Softball
Division III Champions, Torgeís Division III Runner-ups



Division I
Channel Inn 21, Weigh-Tronix 9. matty Kíd, but he ticked it!
Boekett Lumber 26, Channel Inn 19
Boekett Lumber 30, Weigh-Tronix 5
Division II
The Goose 12, Tamiís on the Ave 9. Tough game Ė good work!
Sirloin House over Granada Bar
Sirloin House 17, Perkinís 14. Longest game in recorded FSA history.
The Goose over Doug Out
Tamiís on the Ave 15, Perkinís 3. Perkinís eliminated
Doug Out 11, Granada Bar 1. Lappy gets Innie! Its about d#%@ time we win! Granada Bar eliminated
Division III
HugoPork/BurtisChiro 14, Ameriprise Financial 8. End game with double Korsmo to Peymann!
Shenaniganís 10, Torgeís 8. First time playoff win!
State Farm Korsmo /Jakeís 7, HugoPork/BurtisChiro. HugoPork/BurtisChiro eliminated
Advance Tanks Softball 20, Shenaniganís 7.
Shenaniganís 13, Ameriprise Financial 10. 4 eggs & and a omlet Ė Todd did a good job! Ameriprise Financial eliminated
Advance Tanks Softball over State Farm Korsmo /Jakeís.
State Farm Korsmo /Jakeís eliminated

Sirloin House 13, Granada Bar 5. One good inning
State Farm Korsmo /Jakeís over The Goose 
Granada Bar 15, State Farm Korsmo /Jakeís 11
Tamiís on the Ave 10, The Goose 7. Yet another great game
Advance Tanks Softball 15, Shenaniganís 3
Sirloin House 13, Tamiís on the Ave 12. Good battle back, Fitzy 
chipped in for the win!
Torgeís 10, Advance Tanks Softball 8. Dave with an amazing catch! 
Levi 3-3.
Boekett Lumber 19, Weigh-Tronix 16.
Channel Inn 13, Perkinís 3. Shocker walk-off in 5th!
HugoPork/BurtisChiro 12, Ameriprise Financial 1. Chase Burtis HR. 
John Korsmo splits, triple & double!
Weigh-Tronix 24, Doug Out 12.
Boekett Lumber 23, Channel Inn 19
Ameriprise Financial 27, Shenaniganís 4. Lane 2HRs, Lots of hits
Torgeís 18, HugoPork/BurtisChiro 4. Blue with 2Ks pitching, Levi with 
2Ks batting, good game!
Doug Out 21, Perkinís 15. Only 1 win in division one Ė but Fretty, Lutz 
& Larkin ďThe GimpĒ hit Ďem out!
Torgeís 12, Ameriprise Financial 1. Steve 3-4 with aĒKĒ. Dave with 
4 hits!
Sirloin House 17, State Farm Korsmo /Jakeís 8. Bloop hits, bloop hits!
Tamiís on the Ave 13, Granada Bar 1. Good win & the dog has a pretty 
Sirloin House 12, The Goose 4. Pitch count got high
Tamiís on the Ave 19, State Farm Korsmo /Jakeís 7. Finally everybody 
hits. Dubs owes 2 times!
The Goose 16, Granada Bar 4
Boekett Lumber 16, Doug Out 2
Advance Tanks Softball 23, HugoPork/BurtisChiro 8
The Goose 15, Shenaniganís 8. Good game!
Boekett Lumber 16, Perkinís 2.
Weigh-Tronix 20, Channel Inn 4
HugoPork/BurtisChiro 10, Shenaniganís 9. WINNING!
Weigh-Tronix 16, Perkinís 6
Advance Tanks Softball 9, Ameriprise Financial 7
Channel Inn 26, Doug Out ?. Lanesboro what???
Advance Tanks Softball 11, Shenaniganís 10
Advance Tanks Softball 11, The Goose 8
Advance Tanks Softball 9, HugoPork/BurtisChiro 4
The Goose 13, Perkinís 12
Doug Out 28, Tamiís on the Ave 25. Did we almost hit the homerun 
limit? emphasize ďalmost!Ē Warm up for Boekett!
State Farm Korsmo /Jakeís 16, Advance Tanks Softball 10. triple A 
prospect Riela, just called up, helps get win!
Weigh-Tronix 22, Torgeís 10
Boekett Lumber 25, Doug Out 7
Channel Inn 18, Granada Bar 6. Tune-up for Lanesboro
Sirloin House 32, Ameriprise Financial 4. Ben owes, Mikey owes keg, 
big score!
Boekett Lumber 18, Shenaniganís 4
Tamiís on the Ave 11, State Farm Korsmo /Jakeís 6. Pooleyís gone we 
Perkinís 15, HugoPork/BurtisChiro 5. Cody returns Ė ignites team, 
Mike Schultz perfect at the plate & big play at 2nd base!
Advance Tanks Softball 12, Ameriprise Financial 7.
Granada Bar 25, Shenaniganís 6. Sent Wayne back to yhe minorsÖ
Tamiís on the Ave 13, Tamiís on the Ave 8. Pooleyís still gone we win 
HugoPork/BurtisChiro 12, Shenaniganís 10.
Channel Inn 21, Sirloin House 7. Bertís bunt starts a rally!
Ameriprise Financial 14, Torgeís 12. 3 run bomb Laue. What?
Weigh-Tronix 17, State Farm Korsmo /Jakeís 4.
Perkinís 20, Sirloin House 6. Chris Vee 2HRs, Keitt Seipker 2 key hits.
The Goose 17, Doug Out 4. Good hits.
Channel Inn 26, Torgeís 2. Gino likes Busch Lite! 
Boekett Lumber 21, Ameriprise Financial 11.
Channel Inn 24, Advance Tanks Softball 3. Shocker will never wear 
pants again. 
Tamiís on the Ave 14, The Goose 8. finally a win!!
Boekett Lumber 29, Weigh-Tronix 23
The Goose 21, HugoPork/BurtisChiro 9. Good first inning!
Ameriprise Financial 10, State Farm Korsmo /Jakeís 3. That just 
Granada Bar 23, Perkinís 4. Good bats good defense
Weigh-Tronix 16, Doug Out 15
Boekett Lumber 26, Channel Inn 7
Sirloin House 19, The Goose 4. All-around good game boysÖ Eclipse 
tries to put 2 out but they have the shift on.
State Farm Korsmo /Jakeís 28, Shenaniganís 11
Granada Bar 11, Advance Tanks Softball 10. Thanks for Wayne!!
Doug Out 27, The Goose 10. Longest night of ball ever is over. Let the 
good times roll!
Shenaniganís 15, Ameriprise Financial 14. Rocky did something and 
its about time. Good defense!
Sirloin House 28, HugoPork/BurtisChiro 6. We need to get rid of some 
plows. A couple boys need to get new knees. Kal needs new wheels!
Advance Tanks Softball vs Shenaniganís NO SCORE TURNED IN
Boekett Lumber VS Ameriprise Financial NO SCORE TURNED IN
Advance Tanks Softball VS The Goose NO SCORE TURNED IN
HugoPork/BurtisChiro vs Advance Tanks Softball. NO SCORE 
Sirloin House 9, Tamiís on the Ave 5. Good ďDĒ, all around good game
Torgeís 27, Shenaniganís 8. Dave keeps good book! Holden fills in for 
Doug Out 19, Advance Tanks Softball 7. DarylÖ Fretty does yard work! 
rat goes home after game to clean out shorts!
Channel Inn 8, Tamiís on the Ave 5. 8 innings-7ugly innings, Chirp gets 
win #500
Weigh-Tronix 29, Ameriprise Financial 7.
State Farm Korsmo /Jakeís 16, The Goose 9. Scoop-a-loop came to 
play. Feely Ks looking
Weigh-Tronix 19, Perkinís 3
HugoPork/BurtisChiro 17, Granada Bar 15. Miles gets thrown out at 
Channel Inn 17, The Goose 5. Took 3 years for win #500, then 2 in one 
nite! Chirp 4-4, dinger & wonít walk for a week!
Advance Tanks Softball vs Shenaniganís NO SCORE TURNED IN
Boekett Lumber VS Ameriprise Financial NO SCORE TURNED IN
Advance Tanks Softball VS The Goose NO SCORE TURNED IN
Sirloin House 19, Torgeís 4. Speed kills but Fredís speed really kills!
Granada Bar 17, Ameriprise Financial 4. Banjo we miss you! Love the 
team.. and the 2 cases
Channel Inn 12, State Farm Korsmo /Jakeís 9. Shocker shook off some 
rust, couple of newbies.
Weigh-Tronix 10. Sirloin House 9. 5 in the bottom of the 7th
Perkinís 14, Tamiís on the Ave 13. Rally from 10 down Ė great game 
everyone, MJ gets HR, Shaw game winner RBI
Doug Out 22, HugoPork/BurtisChiro 16. Twanto, Rat, Daryl hit it out! 
Lappy shows off the house! Team effort! Way not to give up!

State Farm Korsmo /Jakeís 13, Sirloin House 12. Good all-around 
game, both teams Petey & B-Rad come up big!
HugoPork/BurtisChiro 12, State Farm Korsmo /Jakeís 10
Weigh-Tronix 24, HugoPork/BurtisChiro  7. 17 run 2nd inning
Torgeís 10, HugoPork/BurtisChiro 9. Dusty Faber, Jake rasche, 
Shane Honette, Jesse Ross, Kyle Koerselman 2hits each-Kyle game 
winning hit
Tamiís on the Ave 20, Advance Tanks Softball 8
Doug Out 24, Shenaniganís 3. Gates goes yard, Lappy keeps it in the 
dark, Lutz belly flops into home, Grotz & Fretty do their best to keep the 
score lowÖ
Boekett Lumber 23, Tamiís on the Ave 3
Perkinís 15, Ameriprise Financial 3. Cody Toothaker HR, Rick Walters 
gets hit credited from last week
Doug Out 10, Granada Bar 5. 4 innings of ballet, 3 innings of softball!
Boekett Lumber 26, The Goose 10
Granada Bar 8, Torgeís 7. Banjo when you going to show up and bring 
two cases?
Perkinís 10, Advance Tanks Softball 2. John Ford starts 2 rallies, 
Giz Kís 7
HugoPork/BurtisChiro vs Advance Tanks Softball. NO SCORE 
Perkinís 22, Shenaniganís 10. MyCale Johnson HR, Criss Vee 2HRs
Doug Out 10, Ameriprise Financial 5. Ugly Ė but weíll take it
Boekett Lumber 19, State Farm Korsmo /Jakeís 4
The Goose 10, Tamiís on the Ave 6. Good game
Perkinís 16, Torgeís 8. Joe Pritchard HR, Rick Walters 13-14 in 
2 games.
Boekett Lumber 24, Sirloin House 6
The Goose 15, Granada Bar 7. Good hitting
Channel Inn 23, Weigh-Tronix 10. Rust might be gone
Boekett Lumber 14, Perkinís 2
State Farm Korsmo /Jakeís 26, Torgeís 21
Tamiís on the Ave 25, Shenaniganís 7. Mills, Mills, Mills, Mills
The Goose 13, Ameriprise Financial 1
Boekett Lumber 20, Granada Bar 0
Channel Inn 25, Shenaniganís 4. Lotta moon shots, 2 went out 2 didnít 
hit green!
Sirloin House 41, Advance Tanks Softball 9. All new bats/Old team
Weigh-Tronix 10, Granada Bar 9
Channel Inn 21, Doug Out 15. Shook off the rust