Division III – Championship Game

Jackson/Fairmont Dental 10, Perkins/Shaw Construction 9, Comeback to play another game – Look out for the sky ball! Perkins/Shaw Construction first loss.

If Necessary– Championship Game

Perkins/Shaw Construction 15, Jackson/Fairmont Dental 0. Great job guys! Way to go.


Division II– Championship Game

The Goose 28, Tami’s on the Ave 21. Tami’s on the Ave first loss.

If Necessary– Championship Game

The Goose 9, Tami’s on the Ave 7


Division   I– Championship Game

Channel Inn 20, Boekett Lumber 16

If Necessary– Championship Game

Channel Inn 18, Boekett Lumber 12




Division III

Perkins/Shaw Construction 21, South Central Construction 1


Jackson/Fairmont Dental 16, Arnold Motor Supply 7. Arnold Motor Supply eliminated

Jackson/Fairmont Dental 6, South Central Construction 5. Winning run scored in bottom of 7th! South Central Construction eliminated


Division II

Tami’s on the Ave 18, The Goose 15. Good come from behind victory!


VFW Red Bull 7, Doug Out 5. Doug Out eliminated


Division I

Boekett Lumber 17, Sirloin House 1. Jeremy just a little trouble keeping book

Weigh-Tronix 21, Channel Inn 14

Boekett Lumber 20, Weigh-Tronix 15


Channel Inn 16, State Farm/Korsmo 6. Hooray we get to play on Monday!

State Farm/Korsmo eliminated



Division I

Sirloin House 16, State Farm/Korsmo 4

Division II

Tami’s on the Ave 25, Doug Out 1. Ben led the team with 2Ks.

VFW Red Bull 24, Shenanigan’s 12. Ooooo Eeeeeeee again

The Goose 21, VFW Red Bull 4. Ron 2 dongs, Feely 1 dong – 1st game back


Doug Out 31, Shenanigan’s 12. First game a warm up. 17 runs in the 1st. Daryl’s HR expected,  Marcus’ HR blows our socks off… Shenanigan’s eliminated

Division II

Arnold Motor Supply 14, Turtles in the Sand 8. Good team effort

South Central Construction 11, Jackson/Fairmont Dental 10

Perkins/Shaw Construction 15, Arnold Motor Supply 2. Marc 3-3, Jerry 3-3, great defense!


Jackson/Fairmont Dental 25, Turtles in the Sand 5. Turtles in the Sand eliminated



Perkins/Shaw Construction 8, Jackson/Fairmont Dental 6. Shaw 3B, Giz K’s 6!

Jackson/Fairmont Dental 23, South Central Construction 6. J-Cock 2 keg party! Get the sand out of your VA… face!

Perkins/Shaw Construction 13, South Central Construction 12. Both teams rally – Dusty HR, Marc HR, Heckman game winning RBI!

Channel Inn 15, Sirloin House 3. Vern had ‘em rattled!

The Goose 13, VFW Red Bull 0. Pete 2 bombs.

Doug Out 18, Shenanigan’s 17. Way to hit Dubs!!! First game back Lappy hits game winning shot!

Channel Inn 15, Boekett Lumber 13.

The Goose 11, Doug Out 8.

Tami’s on the Ave 18, VFW Red Bull 6. HHHooottt! Someone is smok’n. HA Dubs!

Arnold Motor Supply 20, Turtles in the Sand 19.

Boekett Lumber 25, Weigh-Tronix 3.

Tami’s on the Ave 21, Shenanigan’s 0. Spoiled Fritzy’s last at-bat, On Fire!!




Tami’s on the Ave 6, Doug Out 5. Golden bats for Dustin, JR & Travis, great “D”!

Jackson/Fairmont Dental 20, Arnold Motor Supply 2

Weigh-Tronix 11, Sirloin House 10. Great game!

Sirloin House 10, State Farm/Korsmo 9. The young’n finally gets the hit we’ve been waiting for!!

Jackson/Fairmont Dental 25, Turtles in the Sand 4.

The Goose 22, Shenanigan’s 10

South Central Construction 14, Turtles in the Sand 11

VFW Red Bull 18, Shenanigan’s 7

Weigh-Tronix 19, State Farm/Korsmo 5. Appel homered? Maybe it was underwear on the fence!!



Perkins/Shaw Construction 7, Marc Legate game winning double in 7th!

Doug Out 14, VFW Red Bull 12. Was that 2 or Lappy? Yup Z!! Marcus is mowing up! Anyone seen Lappy, Corey, or P? We haven’t!!!

The Goose 6, Tami’s on the Ave 5. Pete 2 dongs

Boekett Lumber 21, Sirloin House 5

Perkins/Shaw Construction 24, Arnold Motor Supply 13. Dusty 2 HRs, Marc HR, Giz fans 4 hits 4!

Channel Inn 18, State Farm/Korsmo 11. At least they didn’t beat us!

Boekett Lumber 21, State Farm/Korsmo 8

Channel Inn 20, Weigh-Tronix 8. Payback – just a little

South Central Construction 33, Arnold Motor Supply 27.  Buddah deserved 3 Mike’s Hard Lemonades



VFW Red Bull 4, Sirloin House 3. Great defense!

Sirloin House 15, Arnold Motor Supply 1

VFW Red Bull 20, Arnold Motor Supply 5

Boekett Lumber 16, Weigh-Tronix 4. Played with9-made it work

South Central Construction 11, Perkins/Shaw Construction 10

Jackson/Fairmont Dental 4, Turtles in the Sand 3. You gotta luv the Turtle’s hats!

Tami’s on the Ave 21, Channel Inn 20. Great game! Amazing when we hit!

Jackson/Fairmont Dental 8, South Central Construction 2.

Sirloin House 14, The Goose 8. Great hitting all-around good game!

Sirloin House 18, Shenanigan’s 6. Good everything!

Perkins/Shaw Construction 12, Turtles in the Sand 1. About time -  Marc HR!

Channel Inn 41, The Goose 1. Whatever!



Shenanigan’s 12, Jackson/Fairmont Dental 10. Sitting at .500

Doug Out 11, The Goose 8. Was that an “E” free game against The Goose? We only hit w/two outs!

Arnold Motor Supply 19, Turtles in the Sand 18. Wanted to keep play’n so we gave em 6 outs in the 4th and almost got beat. Last time that will happen

The Goose 10, State Farm/Korsmo 2. Du-Ru 2 dongs

Boekett Lumber 36, Perkins/Shaw Construction 5

Tami’s on the Ave 18, South Central Construction 2. Barley won, great effort

Weigh-Tronix 24, State Farm/Korsmo 9. Great team hitting!

Boekett Lumber 20, Channel Inn 16

Turtles in the Sand 14, South Central Construction 7. Justin Walters inside-the-park HR, Martin Tow ground rule double

State Farm/Korsmo 16, Arnold Motor Supply 4. Turn in the score Dan!

Doug Out 9, VFW Red Bull 7. Six in the 1st, then nine in the next 13 innings… that’s real ball…

Boekett Lumber 19, Tami’s on the Ave 3

Sirloin House 13, Tami’s on the Ave 10. Way to use up them HRs – great “D”

Weigh-Tronix 11, Doug Out 6. Snoozefest

VFW Red Bull 18, Shenanigan’s 9

Sirloin House 15, Jackson/Fairmont Dental 10. Troy says it just went that way!

Weigh-Tronix 26, Channel Inn 11. 10 runs after 2 outs in 4th

The Goose 23, Turtles in the Sand 3.



VFW Red Bull 25, South Central Construction 1

State Farm/Korsmo 16, Turtles in the Sand 0

Tami’s on the Ave 17, Jackson/Fairmont Dental 3. HRs by J.R. & Mills, biggest win over opposing team

Shenanigan’s 14, Perkins/Shaw Construction 13, Two in a row!

Weigh-Tronix 22, Tami’s on the Ave 11. Nine in the 7th to seal it!

State Farm/Korsmo 16, Doug Out 10. 7th inning comeback, Klutz has a sic diver at 3rd!

Doug Out 20, Perkins/Shaw Construction 18. Outfield was trying to equal the store in the end!

Channel Inn 17, Arnold Motor Supply 2

The Goose 23, Shenanigan’s 13.



State Farm/Korsmo 14, Tami’s on the Ave 1.  Dan W. diving play

VFW Red Bull 17, Turtles in the Sand 1

Shenanigan’s/Our Place 24, South Central Construction 9. Good hitting, good defense, good cheers, good beer

State Farm/Korsmo 20, South Central Construction 5. John K. HR

Boekett Lumber 22, VFW Red Bull 5

Weigh-Tronix 16, Jackson/Fairmont Dental 0. Brad & Brad owe fees, Duke 2 cases & didn’t strike out!

Sirloin House 13, Doug Out 0. Gimp with a walk off HR

The Goose 20, Perkins/Shaw Construction 8

Weigh-Tronix 21, Arnold Motor Supply 0. great more beer – 3 total! Team leader who needs Hainy!



Doug Out 20, Turtles in the Sand 1. I really got noth’n – sorry guys!

Arnold Motor Supply 37, Shenanigan’s 36. Good game – longest game in history, good pitching both teams…2 hour marathon

VFW Red Bull 8, Perkins/Shaw Construction 5.

Boekett Lumber 26, Arnold Motor Supply 1.

Tami’s on the Ave 10, The Goose 5. Dubs!! Gold glove with a case

Channel Inn 23, South Central Construction 0. Sirloin House made us mad

Sirloin House 10, Weigh-Tronix 7. Great “D” plus bats

Channel Inn 20, Jackson/Fairmont Dental 1. No mo rust!

Boekett Lumber 22, State Farm/Korsmo 5



Doug Out 9, Jackson/Fairmont Dental 8. Hands up, level swing, H#%% froze over – Dion won the game!!!!

Perkins/Shaw Construction 20, Arnold Motor Supply 9. Dusty HR, Schutz 4-4, rallied from 7 down

Shenanigan’s 19, Turtles in the Sand 4. HRs made us winners!

Doug Out 12, South Central Construction 0. Lutz with the shut-out, Cory’s call up from triple A finally pays off with 2-shots!

Perkins/Shaw Construction 12, Tami’s on the Ave 11. Vee HR, never give up 6th and 7th rallies!

State Farm/Korsmo 20, Shenanigan’s 4. Chase Burtis & Matt Vogel inside-the-park HRs

Boekett Lumber 20, The Goose 8

Weigh-Tronix 21, VFW Red Bull 9

Sirloin House 18, Channel Inn 13. Great ball playing – great D!



Boekett Lumber 30, South Central Construction 1

State Farm/Korsmo 17, Perkins/Shaw Construction 4. Jake Peymann & Chase Burtis each hit a HR, Two double plays!

Tami’s on the Ave 23, Arnold Motor Supply 7. The bottom is the best we have ever had

Boekett Lumber 18, Jackson/Fairmont Dental 3

Sirloin House 15, Turtles in the Sand 1. Good break in game – need more practice

Channel Inn 16, VFW Red Bull 12. Needed some WD40 to break up the rust

The Goose 28, Jackson/Fairmont Dental 9. Good start Goose!

Weigh-Tronix 24, Shenanigan’s 1. Good start to the year

Channel Inn 25, Doug Out 10. Scratched off a little rustMMM