Indulge Salon & Spa 27, Seniors 2

Louisville Chuggers 9, Shuttlecocks 2. Great defense, good base running!! Caitlyn owes a lot of beer, but we couldn’t have won with out her!!

Indulge Salon & Spa 9, Louisville Chuggers 8


Shuttlecocks over Countywide Real Estate. Countywide Real Estate eliminated

Seniors 14, Bulligan's 8. Worked well as a team! Bulligan's eliminated

Shuttlecocks 19, Seniors 15. Banger got his @$$ kicked by grass… go Jovi!! Seniors eliminated

Louisville Chuggers 20, Shuttlecocks 7. Justin goes way deep, Collin owes beer! Good game Chuggers. Shuttlecocks eliminated


Indulge Salon & Spa 6, Louisville Chuggers 5. The best of the worst! Great first season!



Bicknase Flooring 14, Fleet Farm/Horkey Remolding 9. Great 6th inning rally!

Whiskey Biscuits 9, Tami’s on the Ave 8. We are on a roll! Go WB!

Bicknase Flooring 15, Whiskey Biscuits 3. Business like, fun win!


A-1 Concrete Grinding 34, Fleet Farm/Horkey Remolding 21. Damon rocked and rolled!. Fleet Farm/Horkey Remolding eliminated

Tami’s on the Ave 10, Boathouse/K&G Co 6. Z loves to walk! Why do we like close games so much? Boathouse/K&G Co eliminated A-1 Concrete Grinding 22, Tami’s on the Ave 20. Gals done good! Tami’s on the Ave eliminated

Whiskey Biscuits 12, A-1 Concrete Grinding 11. Playing for the championships again! Coles amazing catch and tore up arm, Chance hits like a champ! A-1 Concrete Grinding eliminated


Bicknase Flooring 10, Whiskey Biscuits 4. Mission accomplished!



Red Carpet/AmFam/Gibeau 19, Schmitty’s Bar 4

East Fork Trucking 6, Pizza Ranch/Intentionals 2. Superarb hitting

Red Carpet/AmFam/Gibeau 23, East Fork Trucking 8


Blue Earth Legion 16, Endersons/Sentinel 1. Great defense. Endersons/Sentinel eliminated

Faber’s Plumbing 15, Mel Carlson Chevrolet 3. Mel Carlson Chevrolet eliminated

Schmitty’s Bar over Faber’s Plumbing. Faber’s Plumbing eliminated

Blue Earth Legion 8, Pizza Ranch/Intentionals 6. Brian and Rick ordered a combo! Pizza Ranch/Intentionals eliminated

Schmitty’s Bar 9, Blue Earth Legion 6. We missed double D! Blue Earth Legion eliminated

Schmitty’s Bar 25, East Fork Trucking 5. 15 run inning = awesome! East Fork Trucking eliminated


Red Carpet/AmFam/Gibeau 14, Schmitty’s Bar 2.





East Fork Trucking 19, Mel Carlson Chevrolet 13

Pizza Ranch/Intentionals 16, Faber’s Plumbing 10. We are on our way, thanks to our sponsors Pizza Ranch &

Schmitty’s Bar 21, Endersons/Sentinel 5. JP & Bakery good hits – great game by Schmitty’s Bar

Red Carpet/AmFam/Gibeau 14, Blue Earth Legion 2


Tami’s on the Ave 24, A-1 Concrete Grinding 17. Four grand slams & a three run shot. Way to use them right!

Bicknase Flooring 9, Boathouse/K&G Co 8. Wasn’t pretty, it was @$#% ugly – but it was a win!

Whiskey Biscuits 33, Green Mill 5. Everyone scored – great game all-around!

Fleet Farm/Horkey Remolding 26, Jack Rosenberg Electric 4. Danielle Braun bats 1.000, great game!


Boathouse/K&G Co 22, Jack Rosenberg Electric 14. Jack Rosenberg Electric eliminated

A-1 Concrete Grinding 9, Green Mill 7. Winter smoked the ball. Green Mill eliminated


Bulligan's 20, Cloverleaf Coolers 9. Great effort all-around – fun game – two great catches by Tammy!!

Seniors 16, Countywide Real Estate 14. The whole team finally showed up! Comeback!!!

Indulge Salon & Spa 18, Cardinal Sharpshooters 6. AJ back with 5Ks.

Shuttlecocks 28, Cress Refrigeration  3. Great in-the-parker Luke & outfield Shenanigan’s Cas


Louisville Chuggers 20, Bulligan's 19. Good hitting both teams! Fun game!


Cardinal Sharpshooters 13, Cloverleaf Coolers 6. Cloverleaf Coolers eliminated

Countywide Real Estate 27, Cardinal Sharpshooters 10. Kyle two in-th-park HRs – one grand slam. Mark in-th-park HR, good bats from all!




Boathouse/K&G Co 12, Bulligan's 11

Whiskey Biscuits 11, Indulge Salon & Spa 8. Way to go base coaches!

Whiskey Biscuits 11, Boathouse/K&G Co 9. Whiskey Biscuits have a winning season!

Fleet Farm/Horkey Remolding 20, Shuttlecocks 16. One big inning, great win!!

Blue Earth Legion 23, Countywide Real Estate 4. Great hitting by all except Spanky!

Boathouse/K&G Co 10, Indulge Salon & Spa 8.

Bicknase Flooring 21, Cardinal Sharpshooters 8.

Endersons/Sentinel 31, Jack Rosenberg Electric 10

Schmitty’s Bar 14, A-1 Concrete Grinding 6. Something!

Faber’s Plumbing 14, Bicknase Flooring 8

Endersons/Sentinel 21, A-1 Concrete Grinding 10. Bomb-diggity!!

Schmitty’s Bar 13, Pizza Ranch/Intentionals 6

Pizza Ranch/Intentionals 27, Bulligan's 12. Pizza Ranch/Intentionals great team play!

Faber’s Plumbing 14, Louisville Chuggers 10

Cardinal Sharpshooters 20, Cloverleaf Coolers 12

Tami’s on the Ave 16, Cress Refrigeration  3. Three in-the-parkers! Freddy, Luths & Zinner, fun game compare to 7:45 game

Mel Carlson Chevrolet 17, Cress Refrigeration  3. Slow Star Power!

Green Mill 14, Mel Carlson Chevrolet 11. Good game by all! Stine had a triple!!!

Tami’s on the Ave 7, TSE Jackson 0. Forfeit

Seniors 7, TSE Jackson 0. Forfeit

Green Mill 7, Seniors 0. Forfeit



Blue Earth Legion 14, Seniors 4

East Fork Trucking 14, Louisville Chuggers 2

Endersons/Sentinel 10, Shuttlecocks 5. Brad hit in-the-park HR

Green Mill 18, Cardinal Sharpshooters 11. Awesome job Green Mill

A-1 Concrete Grinding 20, Cress Refrigeration 6. Good game!!

Bicknase Flooring 13, Whiskey Biscuits 3. Solid defense

Schmitty’s Bar 15, Tami’s on the Ave 12. Not pretty – but a win

Indulge Salon & Spa 16, Seniors 8. Oklahoma giggles like a school girl. Tom grand slam to seal the deal!

Pizza Ranch/Intentionals over Louisville Chuggers. Good nap for Dusty – 3-3 with 3 in-the-parkers!

Red Carpet/AmFam/Gibeau 22, Shuttlecocks 0. John slid into home for an out!

Green Mill 7, TSE Jackson 0. Forfeit

Faber’s Plumbing 34, A-1 Concrete Grinding 2

Bicknase Flooring 17, Cloverleaf Coolers 2. Bart fails to preserve shut out!

Schmitty’s Bar 10, Countywide Real Estate 9. Injuries, headbands, subs – good double header!

Whiskey Biscuits 19, Cloverleaf Coolers 1. Everyone got a hit – go team!

Tami’s on the Ave 18, Countywide Real Estate 12

Faber’s Plumbing 40, Cress Refrigeration 1

Fleet Farm/Horkey Remolding 12, Boathouse/K&G Co 7. Good game everyone, Horkey keeps it close!!!

Mel Carlson Chevrolet 16, Jack Rosenberg Electric 8. Kyle with the chicken wing and the X with a big hit!~

Jack Rosenberg Electric 15, Bulligan's 3. Howell 2HRs, Whit thanks for playing!

Mel Carlson Chevrolet 9, Fleet Farm/Horkey Remolding 8. Amy with the chicken wing X double!!!

Blue Earth Legion 23, Indulge Salon & Spa 9. Sara smoked ‘em twice! Detert got a grand slam!

East Fork Trucking 24, Pizza Ranch/Intentionals 9. Great coaching – nice job worker!

Red Carpet/AmFam/Gibeau 18, Endersons/Sentinel 1.

Cardinal Sharpshooters 7, TSE Jackson o. Forfeit



Mel Carlson Chevrolet 16, Indulge Salon & Spa 9. Well played game – kinda!

Endersons/Sentinel 19, Cardinal Sharpshooters 4. Speed – intensity & Leslie’s right hand gives Endersons/Sentinel the Big V!!

Schmitty’s Bar 26, Cress Refrigeration  2. Gronewald hit the cycle – thanks to the circus music!

East Fork Trucking 19, Shuttlecocks 6

Whiskey Biscuits 14, Jack Rosenberg Electric 12. Great fielding by all

Red Carpet/AmFam/Gibeau 39, A-1 Concrete Grinding 0. They quit

Countywide Real Estate 7, Jack Rosenberg Electric 4. Very good close game!

Mel Carlson Chevrolet 19, Seniors 7. Good – I mean great fielding!

Louisville Chuggers 9, Cloverleaf Coolers 8. Collin goes way deep! Karyl hits mean ball too well and the Chuggers comeback to win 2 in a row!

Whiskey Biscuits 25, Shuttlecocks 4. Great team effort

A-1 Concrete Grinding 19, Countywide Real Estate 8. Interesting but fun!!

Bicknase Flooring 20, Green Mill 7. Started of sleepy, but woke up in time!

Seniors 14, Bulligan's 13. Nail biting victory in the 8th inning by one. For the young mature team!

Fleet Farm/Horkey Remolding 7, TSE Jackson 0. Forfeit

Pizza Ranch/Intentionals 7, TSE Jackson 0. Forfeit



Endersons/Sentinel 10, Boathouse/K&G Co 9. Run Jess run!!! 2 halves equal won! Good win!

Cress Refrigeration  10, Cardinal Sharpshooters 7. Good team effort, great game both teams, Werner hits 2 in one inning – WOW!

Jack Rosenberg Electric 13, Seniors 8. We had Kelly back – girls played awesome!

East Fork Trucking 17, Blue Earth Legion 11. Jake Nicoson pulls through with ace pitching and huge strike out!

Faber’s Plumbing 21, Fleet Farm/Horkey Remolding 7. WooHoo

Cloverleaf Coolers 26, Countywide Real Estate 12. Two in a row, Josh out of the park! Jessie in-the-park!

Whiskey Biscuits 14, Bulligan's 0. All around great effort!

Seniors 14, A-1 Concrete Grinding 6. Issac’s “right on” throws

Schmitty’s Bar 12, Blue Earth Legion 7. JP wears MJ’s  glove – what a thriller! Beat it! Heal the world! We’re bad!

Faber’s Plumbing 8, Indulge Salon & Spa 7.

Pizza Ranch/Intentionals 12, Tami’s on the Ave 8. Good comeback for the win!

Louisville Chuggers 11, Bulligan's 3. Great defense Chuggers! The losing streak is over!

Mel Carlson Chevrolet 13, A-1 Concrete Grinding 0. Aust with the WALK-OFF!!!

Red Carpet/AmFam/Gibeau 13, Schmitty’s Bar 10

Indulge Salon & Spa 27, Fleet Farm/Horkey Remolding 23. Laura with a massive slam! Justin with game winner grab! AJ earns a DQ cake!



Cress Refrigeration  6, Louisville Chuggers 5

Garrett with game saving double play! Good team effort – great game both teams!

Green Mill 10, Whiskey Biscuits 8. God job Mel on the triple! Stine fired 'em in there the whole game – good job!

Blue Earth Legion 11, Tami’s on the Ave 8

Cloverleaf Coolers 25, Bulligan's 6. Way to go team!

Endersons/Sentinel 16, Bicknase Flooring 9. Brad Smith inside-the-park homerun!

Green Mill 9, Boathouse/K&G Co 8. Happy 30th B-day Anna! Way to get the winning run in. Good job!

Jack Rosenberg Electric 7, TSE Jackson 0. Forfeit

Blue Earth Legion 18, Shuttlecocks 13. Travis got an infield home run and Randy got dirty!

Endersons/Sentinel 15, Cloverleaf Coolers 6. Elliot did amazing pitching!

Faber’s Plumbing 20, East Fork Trucking 8.

Boathouse/K&G Co 21, Louisville Chuggers 11. Good all out effort – everybody got a hit!

Jack Rosenberg Electric 23, Cardinal Sharpshooters 17. Howell has grand slam in 12 run 5th inning

Fleet Farm/Horkey Remolding 17, Pizza Ranch/Intentionals 14. Great team win! Amazing third out catch by T.L. – triple by Jake G. key strike out by pitch Horkey!

Bicknase Flooring 19, Bulligan's 6. Tom – winning pitcher

Faber’s Plumbing 16, Seniors 3. Holly crap… Flohrs took a walk!!! #%$$ froze over!



Endersons/Sentinel 9, Green Mill 7. We won!

Tami’s on the Ave 7, Fleet Farm/Horkey Remolding 6. Just to make it interesting… we like to get the moneys worth of our softball! What can we say!!

Indulge Salon & Spa 26, Cress Refrigeration  9. AJ 2 in-the-park HRs, Anna is a hitting superhero!

Boathouse/K&G Co 25, Cloverleaf Coolers 5

Faber’s Plumbing 18, Schmitty’s Bar 6

Red Carpet/AmFam/Gibeau 37, Countywide Real Estate 5

Shuttlecocks 24, Cardinal Sharpshooters 12. Wayne gets bit in the face! Good job Shuttlecocks!

Whiskey Biscuits 17, Seniors 7. Jamie in-the-parker grand slam!

Mel Carlson Chevrolet 27, Cloverleaf Coolers 14. Shrek wasn’t here – still win!

Schmitty’s Bar 27, East Fork Trucking 18

Bicknase Flooring 24, Louisville Chuggers 20. Dusty pitching victory, Damon @ 3rd, got game balls!

Jack Rosenberg Electric 13, A-1 Concrete Grinding 7

Red Carpet/AmFam/Gibeau 23, Pizza Ranch/Intentionals 7.

Mel Carlson Chevrolet 15, Boathouse/K&G Co 9. Larrn(Shrek) wasn’t still here and we won!



Indulge Salon & Spa 13, Cardinal Sharpshooters 3. Tornado can’t stop this victory!

Blue Earth Legion 18, TSE Jackson 6. Good effort, Kelli in-the-park- grand slam!

A-1 Concrete Grinding 7, Bulligan's 2. Solid team work!

Pizza Ranch/Intentionals 13, Countywide Real Estate 6. Good team effort, strong finish. Danny W 2 in-the-park HRs, Luke 1 in-the-park- HRs.

Indulge Salon & Spa 18, TSE Jackson 6. Oklahoma HR, Ashley couple of magic catches, Tasha with a great catch. A.J. brings the pain

Red Carpet/AmFam/Gibeau 18, Blue Earth Legion 4

Jack Rosenberg Electric 19, Bicknase Flooring 18

Countywide Real Estate 20, Green Mill 11. Countywide Real Estate holds on with the hits of Trigger’s 1st HR of the season

Tami’s on the Ave 15, Louisville Chuggers 1. Just couldn’t seal the deal early, nice team work, hope Goerndt, Zellmer & R.T. are having fun without us!

Red Carpet/AmFam/Gibeau 14, East Fork Trucking 2.

Whiskey Biscuits 23, Cardinal Sharpshooters 9. Josh got a legit hit!

Schmitty’s Bar 17, Shuttlecocks 5. Welcome aboard Trixie! JP’s infamous catch…

Faber’s Plumbing 21, Mel Carlson Chevrolet 10. Well played game!

Endersons/Sentinel 16, Cress Refrigeration  5. Nana hits bomb! Girl freaks out, everyone laughs!

Fleet Farm/Horkey Remolding vs Cloverleaf Coolers stopped 4th inning, continued 7pm, Tuesday, June 28


Mel Carlson Chevrolet 12, Whiskey Biscuits 10. Ben Y with the walk-off

Tami’s on the Ave 20, Shuttlecocks 8. Lappy likes to hit solo shots. Yeah-that’s plural, as in two! Used the limit way to early!

A-1 Concrete Grinding 12, Green Mill 8. Great job! Nice defense

East Fork Trucking 25, Fleet Farm/Horkey Remolding 5.

Boathouse/K&G Co 8, Jack Rosenberg Electric 5. Diving catch by Missy! Great play!

Bicknase Flooring 11, Seniors 9. Kudos to the bullpen

Cress Refrigeration 16, Cloverleaf Coolers 10. Good pitching Rau! Good team effort!

Pizza Ranch/Intentionals 12, Blue Earth Legion 4. Dusty made two leaping catches, very good team play

East Fork Trucking 15, Countywide Real Estate 2

Red Carpet/AmFam/Gibeau 13, Jack Rosenberg Electric 1

Endersons/Sentinel 19, Indulge Salon & Spa 6. Four inside the park HRs!

Schmitty’s Bar 34, Bulligan's 1

Blue Earth Legion 18, Louisville Chuggers 3. Good hitting by all!

Red Carpet/AmFam/Gibeau 15, Boathouse/K&G Co 2

Fleet Farm/Horkey Remolding 16, Countywide Real Estate 9. Good win, Thanks Horkey Remodeling



Endersons/Sentinel 13, TSE Jackson 12. DD’s knocks one out!

Red Carpet/AmFam/Gibeau 50, Louisville Chuggers 5

Louisville Chuggers 23, Cardinal Sharpshooters 2. Joel goes deep! Good team effort by all

Seniors 5, Endersons/Sentinel 4. Zach’s pitching skills, Ashley splis to get an out

Cardinal Sharpshooters 20, Seniors 15. Clint davis spectacular catches, 2HRs by Mike Moore!

Mel Carlson Chevrolet 10, Bicknase Flooring 9. Shrek got a triple – Ogre’s can run!

Pizza Ranch/Intentionals 14, Boathouse/K&G Co 8. Luke had 2 insiders, girls did great!

Blue Earth Legion 18, Bulligan's 6. Two old crows for two old crows – Layne & Sue

Fleet Farm/Horkey Remolding 16, Schmitty’s Bar 15

Countywide Real Estate 13, Indulge Salon & Spa 11. Bishop made a “Star” catch!

East Fork Trucking 16, Tami’s on the Ave 3

Shuttlecocks 18, Cloverleaf Coolers 6. Kelsey got derailed & Cas hit a 1 ½ bombs!

Faber’s Plumbing 31, Green Mill 5. Twanto finally goes yard… twants and Flohrs please kiss and make up boys! Happy B-Day Matt!

Whiskey Biscuits13,  Cress Refrigeration 6. In-the-parkers by Josh & Jamie!



A-1 Concrete Grinding 8, Indulge Salon & Spa 7. Great “D” by all!

Bicknase Flooring 9, Boathouse/K&G Co 7. Erica has guts, Erin is crafty!

Bulligan's 27, TSE Jackson 22. Great play by both teams – Ryan Paczkowski hits a grand slam in 5th!

Red Carpet/AmFam/Gibeau 16, Tami’s on the Ave 3

Pizza Ranch/Intentionals 19, Cress Refrigeration  3. All out team effort –PTL

East Fork Trucking 29, Cloverleaf Coolers 4

Faber’s Plumbing 14, Tami’s on the Ave 1

Red Carpet/AmFam/Gibeau 25, Bulligan's 3. Jake(‘lil Boj) big RBI!

Jack Rosenberg Electric 21, Green Mill 20. Had a “granny” & a walk-off HR to win the game!

Schmitty’s Bar 26, Cardinal Sharpshooters 7.

Faber’s Plumbing 16, TSE Jackson 2



Tami’s on the Ave 43, Cloverleaf Coolers 4

Louisville Chuggers 12, Countywide Real Estate 7. Collin, Mike and Jason go yard! What wind?

Green Mill 10, Cress Refrigeration 4

Pizza Ranch/Intentionals 9, Shuttlecocks 5. Thanks to our sponsor Pizza Ranch and great team effort.

Mel Carlson Chevrolet 28, Schmitty’s Bar 26

Blue Earth Legion 29, Fleet Farm/Horkey Remolding 22. Another good game

Shuttlecocks 31, Cress Refrigeration 11. Finally found some bats... Brady runs too fast!

Pizza Ranch/Intentionals 17, Green Mill 7. Very good team effort 3 in the park hr's 1 over fence, great start

Endersons/Sentinel 14, Whiskey Biscuits 8. Brad Smith 2HRs, 1-0

Boathouse/K&G Co 29, Seniors 8. J-lo, Uua, TJ, Emily HR each!

Red Carpet/AmFam/Gibeau 28, Faber’s Plumbing 22.



Fleet Farm/Horkey Remolding 13, Bulligan’s 1

Mel Carlson Chevrolet 21, Shuttlecocks 13. He said “will you?” she said “I will” -  she doubled – he drove her home, stay tuned…

Blue Earth Legion 10, Whiskey Biscuits 8. Great team effort

Shuttlecocks 16, Countywide Real Estate 8. Luke and Heather are back and hitched

Tami’s on the Ave 19, Indulge Salon & Spa 4. Lappy owes a case! – that’s all that matters… Goerndt showed no rust – all-around awesome!

Louisville Chuggers 14, Jack Rosenberg Electric 12. Monica bats 1.000 to keep it close! Good team effort!

A-1 Concrete Grinding 6, Cardinal Sharpshooters 5. Good playing by all

East Fork Trucking 11, Bicknase Flooring 10

A-1 Concrete Grinding 17, East Fork Trucking 16. Great Job!

Bicknase Flooring 25, TSE Jackson 4. We Rock!